Champion Archer Game

As a popular fun addictive shooting game created in Flash, Champion Archer brings you to an interesting world of an excellent archer who is on a mission to battle the enemies to restore the peace in his country. You will use your arrows to simply aim at the enemies and try to successfully stop them before they enter your land.

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You can also get help from allied troops when necessary to defend the castle. Your goal in the Champion Archer game is to survive as long as possible by planning the best shooting angles, buying upgrades and using various strategies to defend your castle against the enemies. When you kill enough number of enemies, you will earn cash rewards by which you can purchase weapon upgrades for your archer and also get more assistance from the allied troops.

The game visuals are quite smooth for a Flash game, so you can enjoy the vivid graphics and smooth character movements on the screen. You can only play the game in a single-player mode, and you will be competing against your own previous high scores which is shown on the leaderboard option in the Champion Archer game.

The game sound quality is also pretty decent compared to other normal Flash games. So you can enjoy a more real sense of your environment and the battles around you while hearing the sound. While the 2D graphics in this Flash game are quite simple, they still provide you with a nicely designed gaming area were you can move around and adjust your shooting angle simply by tapping the screen.

Overall, the interesting game story, the nice and smooth 2D graphics, high quality sound effects and the ease of use of the game, makes Champion Archer an exciting and slightly addictive Flash game you can easily play online for free.